Terms And Conditions

Applicant should read and understand the terms and conditions of the company as given below before singing the Application Form. This Application Form is considered as authentic and legally binding document. This Agreement is made between the Applicant ( hereinafter referred to as the Associate ) and ( herein after referred to as the Company ). If the Applicant agrees to adhere and aide by the conditions mentioned hereunder he / she shall be called as an Independent Representative (IR) on payment of the prescribed fee to the Company. The applicant should have completed 18 years of age on the date of agreement and shall be competent to enter in to contract as provided in the “Indian Contract Act “. The Company will rely on the accuracy of the Application Form submitted for its data processing. The applicant should ensure that all the information is correct and properly entered. Any mistake in the introducer of placement information cannot be rectified once incentive statements have been processed. The Associate shall be an independent business associate and shall have no relation (ie. Employee/servant/representative) and the company will not be responsible for any of his/her liability in any manner. Products once sold will not be taken back or replaced and the amount paid is not refundable at any circumstances. All the Associates are requested to familiarize themselves with the rules, terms and conditions of Company’s business. An Associate ID/business cannot be sold, assigned or transferred to any person without the prior consent of the company on the written request of the Associate. The Company reserve the right to amend, alter, modify, change or completely replace the packages and terms and conditions at it’s own discretion without recourse to the Associate, but by giving prior notification through it’s website www.elegantindia.net and shall be binding on all Associate. The company does not assure any incentives or income/interest to an Associate merely on account of his/her joining the Company as an Associate. Trimming and service charges will be deducted as per Company norms. Any Associate found guilty or spreading any sort of misleading information or doing any activities in contravention to the company rules and regulations shall be terminated at the own discretion of the management of the Company. The English version alone will be taken as the official copy for all purposes. Only the authenticated printed material issued by the Company is allowed to be circulated. The incentive registered by an Associate against the sales as per the Company’s policy, sales plan and other provision is this regard shall be credited/paid on weekly basis through negotiable instruments or bank transfer only after deducting the TDS and expenses/service charges due towards the Associate’s account. If any dispute or differences arises between the parties hereto the business or interpretation of any terms and conditions or as to incentives, income etc., relating to the business of the Company the same shall be referred to arbitration which shall be governed by the “Arbitration and Conciliation Act

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