EMIR INFOTECH Policies and Procedures

Every business week begins on Monday and ends on the following Sunday. Incentives earned during one business week will be credited in to the bank account of the individual distributor before the end of next business week Distributors are strictly prohibited to sell any products at discounted price. Delivery charges are applicable for all the purchases made and the same can be collected from customers Distributors are strictly prohibited to do any sort of promotions or make claims of any kind through any social media. Team wise promotion of promotional materials is strictly prohibited. Distributors may however use the EMIR INFOTECH official page for the above said purpose. Distributor may cancel his first order / repurchase order before the activation of that volume i.e. before the closing of the business week during which the purchase/repurchase was made, against the resignation of his distributorship In case of an ID remaining inactive since enrolment it will be vacated permanently after of 3 months. In case of an ID remaining inactive for a period of one year subsequently to activation it will be vacated permanently. Distributors are strictly prohibited from changing their line subsequent to activation of their ID. The default co-applicant of a person is his/her spouse. However in case of a distributor being unmarried / divorced the default co-applicant for a female distributor is their father and mother in case of a male distributor. very distributor must submit the scanned copy of his PAN Card, address proof before the end of first four weeks from date of his enrolment, failing which he would remain unable to place a subsequent repurchase order. In case of failure by distributor to submit the scanned copy of his PAN card, TDS of 20% instead of 10% would be deducted. Distributor needs to send scanned copy of both the side of application form (duly signed) to office@indusviva.com, failing which would amount to withholding of incentives. All incentives will generated and credited to a/c only after receiving the duly filled application form will all other documents like PAN, a/c detailed ID proof etc. NO ID's can be created on any partnership basis or on name of a firm. Distributors are strictly prohibited to change their sponsors subsequent to activation of the ID. Violations of any of the company norms may attract discontinuation or cancellation of royalty. Payment of Royalty will be at sole discretion of the company. This is the official Compensation Plan, Policy & Procedure and Terms & Conditions document of EMIR INFOTECH pertaining to the business opportunity offered to Independent Distributors. EMIR INFOTECH with holds all the rights to amend or remove any of the clauses without any notice. Company has all the rights to nullify any of the clauses if necessary, to protect the interest of the business. Refer www.emirinfotech.com for the latest update. Any disputes, Bangalore jurisdiction prevails.

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